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17 July
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The amazing layout is by neos. The icon I stole from laurenreed47 ;).
This is the livejournal of my fics. They're crappy but at least they are shipper ;). My favorite pairing is Martin and Sam from Without a Trace so for now I only write fics featuring them. I also read a lot (more than I write) so, with the writer's permission I wil write recomendations.

But there is ships I may write in the future:

Cameron/Wilson (House)
Meredith/Derek (Grey's Anatomy)
Izabelle/Alex (Grey's Anatomy)
Michael/Sara (Prision Break)
Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
Sawyer/Kate (Lost)
Paul/Rebbeca (The inside)

Plus, I'll be recomending fics (with the author's approval, off course).
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