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50 Ways to say I love you *1* - Darts of Pleasure [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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50 Ways to say I love you *1* [Jul. 22nd, 2006|03:12 pm]
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[music |Neolle Vague - I melt with you]

Okay, this fic is a light, fun and kind of sexy. I like the end :).

Title: 50 ways to say I love you
Rating: PG-13
Author: Shirley Parker
Spoilers: None
Summary: 50 stories about love.
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. If they were I would probably have money.

A/N: To every single chapter I'll give you a quote and a video. Please, watch the video too. It was a pain save them all in my youtube. It can even give you ideas for fics. The videos feature scenes from movies/tv shows and it's about love too.

kellslawellsyou made me smarter than I am eheheh, thank you very much.

Quote: “I'm not letting you get rid of me. How about that? This used to be my specialty. I was good in a living room. Send me in there, I'll do it alone. And now I just... I don't know... but on what was supposed to be the happiest night of my business life, it wasn't complete, wasn't nearly close to being in the same vicinity as complete, because I couldn't share it with you. I couldn't hear your voice, or laugh about it with you. I missed my wife. We live in a cynical world, and we work in a business of tough competitors. I love you. You complete me” ~ Jerry Macguire

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4ajWu94bmw - This movie is an X files special when the cast talks about Mulder and Scully relationship. David Duchovny describe Scully as Mulder human credential (and I died, just so beautiful).

#1: The kiss

Another case was closed and for the first time in many months, Samantha Spade was heading home early. It was always a bonus, when they find the missing person in time for dinner and she felt there was finally a reason to smile; the resolution of the last assignment managed to elate the whole team, elevating their spirit and she felt grateful. It amazes her ramifications (result) of one single successful case and the fact one achievement could form such chain of good vibes was comforting, it exposure a non-divulged concept that happiness could also be found in small and simple moments; the case brought hope on amidst of many lost battles and she desperately missed being positive about her life, after all, happy ends were something rare in her line of work and it seemed to be lacking in the last two weeks.

Despite the fact the triumph sounded like heaven, especially after a long period of bad news, Samantha felt fatigued as the adrenaline was no longer rushing in through her blood system, and the well known urgency, was evanescent leaving only thoughts and the body responses of a very stressful day. Her muscles were tense and all she wanted was a bubble bath…

Despite the elation of the days events, Samantha felt fatigued as the adrenaline slowly seeped away, leaving her only with her thoughts. Her aching muscles represented the stress of the day, and all she wanted was a bubble bath.

There were a lot of things Samantha Spade did to relax after a turbulent case: yoga, foot massages, jog was among the options but none of them were really attractive in that moment. Unfortunately, she no longer could count with one of the privileges of being Martin’s girlfriend, the fantastic bathtub he had but he never really used. He was a shower kind of guy.

There were a lot of things Samantha Spade did to relax after an exhilarating case: yoga, foot massage and jogging were among the options, but none noe seemed particularly enticing. Unfortunately, she could no longer act upon certain privileges that came with being Martins girlfriend, the fantastically spacious bathtub he had but never used being among her favorites. He was a shower kind of guy.

She sighed, thinking about Martin wasn’t good for her health, still it seemed to be the only thing she did in the last hours and her focus on remembrance of a very intimate body fluid exchange between her ex and someone she consider a friend was something that made her wish she was in an anger management program. There was a certain kiss she wanted to wipe out immediately from her memory, but tortuous flashes remained and that alone was somehow revealing.

She sighed, knowing that thinking about Martin wasn't healthy or productive. Still it seemed to be the only thing on her mind when she was left with only her thoughts for company. Her mind wandered

Okay, to be honest, the whole incident was driving her insane.

Samantha knew she shouldn’t care so much, yet she did. And since there was nothing to claim, considering he wasn’t hers anymore, all she could do was act like she was the personification of the cool ex-girlfriend that was mature enough to watch another woman making out with her ex. Off course it hurt her see him kissing someone else in a very Martin-sexy-way, the way he usually kissed, but she couldn’t be feisty about it.

Samantha knew she shouldn’t care so much, and yet she did.

Karma was a pain in the ass.

“Hi Sam, are you already going home?” Martin greeted her, flashing the same smile that always made her day better. A smile that now worked against him, building an irrational foundation for her anger and Samantha felt for a minute the urge to slap that smile off his face.

Did he realize that he made out with another woman in front of her?

Honestly, Samantha knew it wasn’t his fault and that her reaction didn’t make any sense whatsoever. She wasn’t the jealous kind, she really wasn’t. There were no sleepless nights over the fact Jack was in a serious relationship, for example, so why on earth did she feel so passive aggressive?

“Are you okay, Sam?” Martin frowned, puzzled by the lagging silence. After all, even in her worst days she never ignored him completely.

“I’m fine” She mumbled, avoiding eye contact “I was thinking about a conversation I had with Danny a few minutes ago. To be honest with you, I was in fact worried because… you know… you kissed the girl he likes and he didn’t seem to cope well with it”.

Smooth like an elephant playing soccer Samantha, she thought.

“Really?” Martin frowned in response, surprised by Samantha’s recollection of events. “Because I talked to him after the incident and he was pretty cool about it. He understood that to keep the whole situation from getting out of hand I had to be convincing in my play as Elena’s boyfriend… I think Danny is still on the denial land when it comes to his crush on Elena. He confronted me asking why I was being so outspoken and hypersensitive about a simple kiss that had nothing to do with him. He even got a little defensive and sarcastic, making some joke about Brokeback Mountain I didn’t get”

It seems Danny was as noncommittal as her.

She shakes her head, stupid Martin!

“Oh, it wasn’t a simple kiss Martin. It had tongue; people who were doing the surveillance thought it was a hot and passionate kiss… I’m just saying that sometimes there is a lot more underneath the surface than meets the eye and if Danny saw the whole kiss he could jump into wrong conclusions” she said casually. Samantha knew she was babbling but underneath the babble, she was trying to make a point

He kissed Elena; Danny should be pissed at him.

“Well, it wasn’t a real kiss and I think Danny understood it when we talked so…” Martin replied, crossing his arms and shrugging. There wasn’t any tension between him and Danny and he knew it.

Or at least he hoped.

“If you say so…” Samantha said, trying desperately to let the subject die. She knew she was loosing the battle by wearing her heart on her sleeve.

“Okay… good night then” Martin smiled, the suspicious feeling that there was more into Samantha’s erratic behavior vanishing. All he wanted was to think about the plans he made for the evening. He collected his stuff and put in his gym bag. Turning his back at Sam he walked towards the elevator. He could almost swear that Samantha pinched the bridge of her nose, something she usually did when she was frustrated, but he was probably reading too much between the lines.

Sam bit her lower lip, cursing internally for adding fuel to that awkward conversation that would lead her to nowhere, but she just couldn’t shut up, could she?

“I’m sorry but you say it wasn’t a real kiss” she protested before he left, shaking her head and laughing softly. “Except that your lips met hers, there was tongue action, it was somehow needy and she is attractive so…. It was a real kiss. Don’t you get it? The entire definition of a kiss was there my friend. Like a freaking Discover channel documentary”

Samantha stopped, breathing harder. She had to control whatever she was feeling otherwise he would come to the conclusions she was trying desperately (albeit badly) to hide.

“Martin we know Danny has feelings for Elena, do you really think it’s strange he wouldn’t overreact about it? Because sometimes people just can’t help it… emotions go beyond logic and we know it, it’s a human reaction” she completed, trying to suppress the self loathing and shame that came with the realization she was acting like a crazy, silly and immature child.

Martin sighed, throwing his backpack on his desk. He approached the lovely blonde agent slowly.

“We were on a case Sam, acting. It wasn’t real so I have to disagree with you. I think Danny is a perceptive person, he knows when there is attraction and when there isn’t” Martin replied. He still didn’t get why Samantha was reacting so badly. She wasn’t Danny so… why bother?

“A kiss is still a kiss and there is always going to be repercussions no matter how the circumstances really were. Because flings start with kisses, because you can’t pretend to have chemistry, neediness and raw passion and... if i could see it, Danny could probably see it too.”

“Do you really believe on this?” He laughed softly; Martin really couldn’t believe what he was hearing. There were people that really believed there was a spark between him and Elena?

“Yes I do” and she couldn’t help but feel vulnerable because of it.

“You are wrong; you don’t know a thing about real kisses Samantha, let alone needy ones” He accused. She was overreacting and accusing him of being disloyal to Danny. Sometimes she was so blind it infuriated him.

“So, what are you trying to say? That you kissed a really good looking agent and it was nothing? That's bullshit Martin” She said angrily. If there was something she hated about Martin Fitzgerald was his inability to see things clearly,

Martin inched towards Sam, leaning in and meeting his nose to hers in the process, gazing softly in an almost seductively way. She opened her mouth instinctively, something she usually did when was caught by surprise, making Martin smiled inwardly; her reaction to the earnest gesture was almost like a reflex and he knew it. There were some things that would never change about her. He kissed her upper lip softly, parting her lips with his tongue and introducing it into her mouth carefully; massaging her tongue in the sensual way he knew would break down her defenses. Samantha could feel her knees buckling despite the extra effort she made to not to act like a love struck damsel. Instantly she could feel him griping her harder, intensifying the kiss. Her hands traveled around his back, finding a place on his neck and buried her hands in his shirt. She didn’t want to moan but found it hard not to, still she managed to suppress it. Maybe she could control herself after he ceased the action of running his soft damn fingers through her silky hair, but in that moment she felt very helpless, and unable to stop it.

Maybe emotional discretion in the work place was overrated. She definitely didn’t care if she was in the middle of the FBI office kissing another agent from her squad (despite the fact that the office was strangely rather deserted).

He broke the kiss, smirking at her reaction. Her eyes were still closed as she tried desperately to emerge from her dazed and flustered state.

“See? That was a real kiss” he concluded, turning his back. Martin then proceeded to pick up his stuff and leave her alone in the office.

No arguments there, Martin really know how to make a point.


WHY 49? wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhyyyy?