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Deliver it (WAT) 2/? - Chapters 2 to 4 [Jul. 12th, 2006|09:46 pm]
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Chapter two to four. I'm warning. It's as sily as it gets ;).

Title: Deliver it
This part is PG-13/R
Author: Shirley Parker
Spoilers: Sets after Viuda Negra
Summary: Martin show to Samantha how to deliver a pizza.
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. If they were I would probably have money.

This is kind of a sequel to American Butterfly, but you guys don't need to read to catch up with this fic.

AN: I'm still without my computer, but Dricks has this chapter on her computer and she send it to me, so I decided to post since it may take a while to recover my baby.

Chapter 2

Part I: Matchmakers

“Okay… yeah Viv, we are going to the hospital,” Danny said, relieved.

When Vivian said Samantha was in the hospital, he almost had a heart attack.

Obviously, after the shooting he not only started to dread the ER even more, but developed a subconscious fear. There was some sort instinctive correlation between hospitals and death and he couldn’t dissociate the two things. Maybe it was another subject he needed to work on therapy.

“Martin, Sam is in the hospital with Vivian. They found the missing person alive but she end up wounded by one of the kidnappers.”

Martin panicked when her name was mentioned. He was strong enough to deal with his internal scars and pretend everything was fine, but he couldn’t bear to see his Sam hurt… or worse.

The thought itself made him feel nauseated.

“She’s fine,” Danny said rapidly after noticing his friend was on the verge of having a panic attack. “She’s under observation just in case because she bumped her head, but she’ll be okay.”

He doubted Martin was even aware he was speaking to him.

“I want to see her Danny,” Martin said, obviously upset. His hands were visibly trembling uncontrollably. He needed to make sure Sam was really all right, it didn’t matter if Danny would mock him because of his reaction.

“We’re on the way,” Danny said, smirking.

Danny knew Martin wasn’t able to mask his feelings for Samantha.

The irony of it all was that Samantha was the same as Martin. How freaking gullible those two were sometimes.


Martin rushed into the ER, hoping he could see Sam to make sure she was indeed okay. He was aware that his extreme reaction was a reflex of his own traumatic experience, but it wasn’t something he wanted to face.

"Okay Fitzy, I talked to the nurse that attended Sam, she isn‘t in a room. She’s waiting for her discharge in some improvised observation room. There was a marriage and more than 500 guests wound up with food poisoning.”

He pointed to the huge corridor filled with nicely dressed people. Most of them were vomiting and Martin couldn’t help but feel a little bit disgusted.

“Tell me the name of this buffet so I will never order anything from there,” Martin laughed softly, trying to release a little bit of his tension. “I bet somewhere between this reception room and the final corridor there is some bride crying and calling her attorney to sue the restaurant, women tend to get crazy about this stuff.”

“Already planning the marriage Fitzgerald? Most men would avoid this subject till the day they die. Are you sure you’re not a woman in disguise? Because geez, you’re really one of a kind.”

“You never think about having a family?” Martin questioned him while he scanned the room, trying to find Sam.

“If you lived in my neighborhood you would think twice before having a child in this mad world,” Danny said, making Martin wonder what happened to his friend while growing up. Danny was very guarded sometimes, so he probably wouldn’t tell him.

“Oh, you’re going to be hitched even before me Taylor,” Martin mocked him, the people who usually were more radical about marriage and kids were usually the first ones who got all the things they “didn’t want.”

“And Uncle Martin will play soccer with Mario and buy dolls to little Isabelle,” he smiled.

Danny smiled; he truly deserved the reply he was planning to give.

“That’s impossible my friend, because as far as I can see, you’re already hitched,” he replied.

Before Martin could reply, saying that Elena would love to hear he was waiting for a mysterious woman to be knocked up by him before making a proposal (there was definitely some tension between Danny and the newbie and he knew that would piss him off) they got distracted by the bride. She was crying, vomit obvious on her virginal white dress.

“That damn cook will pay with his life!” She shouted, while she was dialing some number.

Both chuckled.

“Good grief,” Danny said. “I don’t want to be in the cook’s skin right now.”

“If there is something I learned being the best man of part of my cousin’s marriages and occasionally helping my sister with hers, it’s that a woman flips in these occasions. I remember the look my sister gave me when I agreed with John there was no difference between light blue and icy blue or whatever the name of the blue it was; she said to me that judging by the way I dressed, she wasn’t really surprised by that fact I had no idea the difference between two very different types of colors.”

Danny chuckled once more. Women were crazy.

“She also told me to check my sight or my head because I was either blind or crazy if I thought green shirts go with purple ties,” Martin laughed. He was beginning to relax a little bit. Of course Samantha was okay, his heart would know if she wasn’t.

After scanning the room once again, they spotted someone very similar to Vivian walking toward one of the beds, fixing the dark curtains that served as a divider between the beds.

“I can’t wait to be discharged!” Sam groaned, making Vivian smile. She totally understood Sam’s annoyance. Vivian hated hospitals even more than Samantha, considering the amount of time she’d spent in the hospital since she discovered she had cardiac hypertrophy, it wasn’t so difficult to understand why. Hospitals were definitely bad places to be… and to see your beloved ones.

“I’m sure they’re going to discharge you after checking your head and seeing that everything is okay. If there is something I know after spending hours in the hospital waiting rooms, it’s that doctors always make you wait more than you need to.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Samantha replied, a little bit of bitterness transparent in her voice. “I think my mind is playing tricks on me”.

“This 'trick' has a name?” Vivian asked, smiling broadly.

“Yeah… lack of sleep” She lied.

Of course her lack of sleep correlated to the other side of the equation: The Martin Fitzgerald problem.

“The boys will be arriving soon Sam… Jack’s in the office talking to Van Doren, but he says hello, and Elena is already home, but she sent you a card. I’ll grab some coffee later okay? Judging by this mess I think it will take a while to get your exams. Do you know how the guys like their coffee?”

“I’m not so sure about Danny, but Martin has specific rules about coffee,” Samantha said, smiling weakly.

After hear Martin’s name being mentioned by Sam, Danny signaled to him to just shut his mouth and hide so they could hear the women’s conversation.

Sam was in the back of the divider that split the tiny space in two sections. A man dressed in a smock looked suspiciously at them, but Danny flashed his badge, making a sign to the man to remain in silence.

“The hell,” Martin whispered, not sure why he bothered talking so lowly.

“I’m not going to eavesdrop Sam’s conversation.”

“The hell you aren’t Fitzgerald. You’re not going to ruin this moment. I have a feeling she is about to talk about something important that you need to listen to,” he hissed lowly. If Martin didn’t cooperate with him, he would force him. This could be an interesting conversation and he knew how to take advantage of the situation.

Martin froze.

He had to admit he wanted to hear what Sam was saying about him, but he was a gentleman and it wasn’t right… but his body wasn’t helping him and he juststayed in silence. Danny looked at him with the ‘don’t-think-about-screwing-this-moment’ look. Martin just shrugged, pretending he was looking after the man that was in the bed. Screw logics, Sam would never open up to him and maybe he really needed to hear what he really meant to her… The curtains were thick, so it appeared he was just one of the guests of the wedding.

“Come on Vivian,” Danny whispered. “You’re the only one that can make this girl talk…”

“Rules?” Vivian questioned, giving Sam room to babble about Martin. Even if it was about how he likes his coffee, it was still something.

“Yeah, he likes decaf on Fridays because it’s the end of the week and he doesn’t want to get hyper on the weekend… like one day that he needed to study some tests so he drank two whole bottles of strong coffee and he ended up in the ER because he couldn’t sleep for two days.” She smiled remembering how much she laughed in that day.

“On Saturday he likes to drink strong coffee with milk because it keeps him awake and ready for the day… he just loves Saturdays. Sunday and Tuesday he drinks cappuccino; it’s his favorite type of coffee actually. Wednesday is the tricky day, he drinks a latte or strong coffee, it depends on the case we had. Monday is his special day because it’s the beginning of the week so he gets cranky easily and he needs something sweet, so he used to ask nicely to put some milk and a few drops of vanilla, sugar and some cream… I thought it was horrible but he likes it. Well, when he was already in a good mood he used to ask for a cappuccino.”

Martin’s heart began to pump so hard in his chest that he feared Sam could hear him in the next room. How did she remember that?

“He surely knows how he likes his coffee,” Vivian smiled. “It’s remarkable that you remember, I can barely keep track of my husband’s eating schedule.”

“It’s insane, but I miss the way he made me wait for an hour to order a coffee. It was always hard for him to choose between bagels and croissants,” she laughed at the memory. “There was no improvement on it no matter how much I tried to make him set a schedule for it either, it was always the same big dilemma in the morning. I think he spent too much time thinking about how he liked his coffee that he forgot he also needed to eat something… You know Viv, in the end, past all the anger and hurt, all I know if that I miss him and lost him.”

“You still have time,” Vivian said softly. “He never got over you.”

“Maybe it’s better for him to forget me,” she sighed. “He doesn’t need to put up with my neurosis. I was the one that pushed him away because… because he was everything I didn’t want it in my life: security, normalness... I was supposed to be independent Viv. Now, he is everything I crave and it’s ironic how things turn out in the end.”

“I still think you could open up to him, just a little bit if you feel uncomfortable. It appeared to be a strong foundation. He seemed to be someone special to you… someone you could trust. I know for a fact he trusts you Sam.”

“He’s braver than I am Viv, that’s why he is way more easy going than I am. Martin is more open, willing to let people in. That man is so damn kind it’s scary.”

“It took a lot of guts to start something with him, maybe you’re braver than you think you are,” Vivian replied.

Samantha sighed.

“It was my leap of faith” Samantha said, remembering she really wanted his comfort when she asked him to spend the night with her, but there was something else behind her request that she couldn’t put her finger on. Probably a shred of hope she could work things out with him, although she probably didn’t realize it until just now. She was so stupid sometimes.

“I forgot about it, about how much I risked when I asked him to share a cab. I stopped taking risks because I feared I would end up being hurt. That was my biggest mistake of all, because now I will never know how deeply I would dive… how much I would care about him.”

“He will never know if you’re willing too if you don’t show it. You treated him pretty badly after the break up, we all could see it. Martin probably thought you didn’t give a damn about him when you acted like you didn’t care about what happened.”

“That’s another difference between us, his scars are as deep as mine, but while he made people see how damaged he really was, I made look like it was only a scratch.”


Chapter 3

“That’s really bad Sam... one day you may regret deeply the fact you let him go. Life is short… it’s as simple as that and sometimes you can’t have the luxury of being too proud or scared to go to the next step.”

“I can’t Viv, and I’ve been surfing on the internet a lot lately and I’ve realized that I’m not the only one who has problems. It’s like a new disease, especially in big cities: The fear of getting close to someone, masked as independency. Women use the excuse that they’re career oriented to screw around and not develop a bound with anybody. Part of me is a 100% supporter of the liberty we have today. But the other half thinks we miss something when we act like we don’t care,” she explained. Samantha was impressed by the fact she was talking to Viv. Not only because she was sharing her feelings with another human being, but also because it was almost like she was quoting books like Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Martin had screwed her up royally.

“You care, that’s why you’re having a hard time right now. Why don’t you talk with someone who can analyze the situation objectively? I mean, you know you can count on me and you already have my piece of mind on this subject, but maybe what you need is to work on these little problems with someone who knows it better... or someone you trust” – Vivian replied, she wanted to add that Martin was a candidate but in the end she knew he wasn’t. He was the reason Samantha was so confused.

“I tried to talk to Lisa about it but something hold me back. I don’t know how school she follows, if she uses Freud, Chung and frankly I don’t know much about psychology, but she would question me about my previous behavior towards Martin, my feelings, the way I act around him now. She would make me question myself and my past and frankly I don’t want to go there. I just want peace without the sacrifice of self analysis and the eventual unleash of bad memories.”

“You can easily find peace of mind once you confront the problem, you can’t get what you want without having to work for it.”

“I know you were implying that I need to talk directly with the source of my problems, but I... can’t. I could if he managed to stop being him. Viv, it’s over, I had a hard time to accept it and I can’t be in denial again. Martin will find someone perfect, invite me to his wedding and I will be the spinster who shagged the groom, who the bride and bridesmaids despise,” she laughed, dark humor seemed to fit her mood lately.

“I’m okay now, it was worse in the first days when I actually pictured the marriage. The pain and need managed to subside. I’m sorry if I’m babbling Viv, but I’ve been storing this for a long time now and somehow it’s driving me crazy. I only talked about this with my sister and she wasn’t very helpful.”

“What did she say?” Vivian asked, impressed by the fact Samantha actually call her relatives. Martin really manage to change her.

“She said: Samantha, shut up! You managed to screw up a relationship with a hot FBI agent who was the freaking American dream and now you’re whining about it? Grown up and try to get him back, if there is competition already just give him a lap dance or whatever!” – She replied mimicking her sister.

“That’s helpful,” – Vivian said, sarcastically.

“My sister has a peculiar way to see relationships so I usually don’t take her advice seriously. She doesn’t believe in feelings and I don’t blame her, it’s something linked to our past. I manage to, at least, to not be completely cynical about it, but I understand that it’s the best way she found out to protect herself. When we were younger, she used to use to give me the same “dont get involved” speech too. When we were close, she actually got into an argument where she quoted a friend of a friend and she said to me...that sex…could kill me! I shouldn’t do it with someone that I care because I could end up stupid and in love and married and maybe dead because of all the sex. I almost believe her because she was persuasive enough and I was way young and inexperienced,” Samantha laughed.

“I’m paraphrasing her explanation, I swear to you, she said: Samantha, do you know what the human body goes through when you have sex? Pupils dilate, arteries constrict, core temperature rises, heart races, blood pressure skyrockets, respiration becomes rapid and shallow, the brain fires bursts of electrical impulses from nowhere to nowhere and secretions spit out of every gland, and the muscles tense and spasm like you’re lifting three times your body weight. It’s violent, it’s ugly, and it’s messy, and if God hadn’t made it unbelievably fun… the human race would have died out eons ago. Men are lucky they can only have one orgasm. You know that women can have an hour-long orgasm?”

“I didn’t let her finish and she never explained where did she hear this. So I never asked for advice again till Martin...didn’t work once more,” Samantha replied, “But it seems Fiona was right...I Googled and found a few internet sites about physiology, still I think she failed to prevent me of having sex because of the quote when she says it’s very good.”

Vivian smirked, amused by the situation. It was a very strange day.

“You’ve made research?” Viv asked, suppressing a laugh.

“Well, the internet is a great distraction. I wouldn’t last a week after the break up if it wasn’t for all the reading. I googled all my ex boyfriends in one single night.”

“I also discovered that happiness is also pure chemistry reactions. I was happy and it paralyzed me. There were days I couldn’t hide or ignore the infatuation, like it was Christmas morning or I was stuck in a freaking Mary Poppins movie”.

The cell phone of Samantha’s “neighbour” started to ring and he silently apologized to the two agents next to him, answering and starting to talk with his wife. Martin looked at Danny and they knew they had to interrupt the conversation. They crossed a line and Samantha was exposed, despite the fact he should be guilty about it, there was also happiness and confusion.

Maybe hope?

Definite, there was confusion.

Danny started to walk towards Samantha yelling “hey, here is my girl” almost making her jump in the process.

“Hi sweetheart, we barely could see you with all those people. How are you?” Danny said, smiling.

“Crappy and bored, you?”

“Still under effects of the fat guy watching soap operas,” He replied rolling his eyes.

“Ouch,” she replied, laughing.

“Hi,” Martin whispered. “I just came by to see if you’re really okay”.

“It’s just a bump in my head, not a brain tumor. I didn’t even need stitches,” she said, looking nervously at Vivian. It was so weird talking to him after pouring her heart out.

“Good for you,“ he said, brushing his hands through her hair, touching her bruise softly, “Let me see it.”

It was really hard for Sam not to kiss him when he touched her. It felt so good, she closed her eyes for a minute, her heart pumping against her chest in an erratic pace.

“Glad to know that all my friends seem to have medical degree,” she replied, smiling.

He smiled too.

“Guys, I’ll try to find coffee in this place, I don’t know about you guys, but I really need some right now.”

Danny smirked at the scene, following Viv to the hospital cafeteria.

“So… do you think they will notice if we just go home?” Danny turned to Viv, smiling.

“I don’t think they even know we are here,” Vivian said. “That’s the beauty of true love…there are moments that nothing really matters.”

Danny smirked once again, he could see dark clouds dissipating and finally some hapiness were threatening to come out and shine.

“I give one week for those two get back together. I think this was their breaking point. No one can resist too long after this. Not even them,” he replied smiling

“One week?” Vivian mocked Danny. Men were definitely clueless, “I’ll give them 24 hours… tops.”

“No way Vivian! Give them a little bit more credit, they can be really stubborn when they want!”

“Wanna bet ?” She dared him.

“You? Betting? Are you sure you went through a heart surgery? Sounds more like a brain one,” he mocked her back.

“As you said… they aren’t going to fight the feelings anymore. A person can only take one almost–deadly experience. Are you in or not?”

“Count me in Viv,” he said.

She smiled, that was easy money. She didn’t know who was going to give the first step. But that was going to happen very soon.


Chapter 4

Part II: The cold shower therapy, the box and the pizza man arrives

Samantha cursed out loud when the back of her feet went in contact with the cold floor. It was freezing in the last days, ‘till the point she couldn’t feel her toes. They were going to be completely blue and maybe fall if the weather stays the same, she mused.

God, she hated the cold.

Sam wrapped the blue towel, she recently bought it around her, the one she kept telling herself she would buy, but she couldn’t since there was no time to shop. Luckily, since she broke up with Martin she discovered the power of the internet and the online stores like Amazon wasn’t helping her bank account to stay out of the red zone. It was hard not to waste money in expensive and not so practical things when you are alone and bored. For some reason beyond her comprehension she never got bored around Martin, maybe there was enough time for them to feel that way.

She sighed, sadly there wasn’t anything she could do right now.

But even though she didn’t really needed new towels she had to admit that while she was in the chilly room she wasn’t shivering so abruptly because of it. Yeah, it kept her a little bit warmer, not enough to dissipate the coldness but it was still a comfort.

She didn’t know if the coldness was inside of her… sometimes it seems the problem was with her, not the weather.

Sam rapidly entered in her bathroom and turned on the shower. It was almost like a blessing; every single drop of hot water was bathing her body and dissipating for a moment the dark thoughts.

The steam started to blurry the windowsills. Sam closed her eyes, feeling the nice sensation through her body. Hot bathing was definitely something created by God.

She saw him entering the bathroom and the amazing-ness of his naked form caught her off guard. How could that man be so damn fit even after eat all the time? It wasn’t just the fact he run pretty much every day. Martin Fitzgerald was God saying there was perfection and he decided to prove because he was in a damn good mood.

He reached her and she offered no resistance. How could she? She wasn’t a strong woman like people tend to believe. Not when it comes down to him. His hands traveled around her body making her incredible turned on. She just missed what those hands could do. She missed the softness of his touch, mixed with the sensations produced by the hot water. If only her coworkers knew she was late more than usually in the last months because of him… but thinking about the fact Danny and Vivian knew maybe it wasn’t so surprising.

Shower plus Martin seemed like a lethal combination.

She surrender completely when she felt his tongue provoking her lips, open them to deepen the well know connection. Off course the oh-so-innocent-kiss was blown out of proportion and she started to reach him like a maniac. Sometimes it seemed that there was no innocent kiss between them. It all leaded to the same disturbing place full of contradictory feelings and body responses. It was scary sometimes, the incredible connection she felt in a level she never thought she would.

She moaned when the exploration became more intense, the touches becoming more possessive. He kissed her jaw softly kissing next her collarbone, sucking her skin right after he playfully scratch his teeth against her skin, making her groan loudly at this contact.

“Make love to me Martin” – She said, almost pleading him.

He smiled and lifted her, making her back move in contact to the bathroom wall. She closed her eyes. She really missed being with him.

Then she opened her eyes and realized it was all an illusion, a very real illusion. Maybe even a distant memory.

Did she use the word love?


She wasn’t even sure.

Damn, her dreams were getting fuller of details, it was a masochist act remember so much about him. Samantha was sure she could almost smell him.

Okay, she really needed to get over it or find an effective way to release the tension. She wondered how hard it would be if she was a man. They couldn’t hide things so easily. She wondered for a minute if people really believed in her excuses when she thought about him, after all, thoughts about bills didn’t make people blush.

Or sweat… let alone giggle.

What she was feeling was lust, need for sex, but also something she was struggling to admit.

It was about his tenderness, and something more.

Otherwise any guy would serve the purpose to ‘calm her’.

She wanted him!

She turned on the cold shower and felt the cold water punishing her body. It was a contrast from the hotness of the moment before. But she needed that to calm down.

She was behaving like a teenager boy and she knew it.

Breathe, the trick is too keep breathing.

The newly found puberty was one among the symptoms of the power he hold on her.

Samantha turned off the shower and wrapped up the towel around her, stepping out of the bathroom. She would need a warm clothes, she just knew it.

In fact, she knew exactly what she needed.

And it had nothing to do with things made of fabric.


Samantha’s neighbor, Jennifer Olsen, couldn’t help but chuckle when a familiar pizza boy crossed her way heading towards Samantha’s apartment. She could notice that even though Martin Fitzgerald was a very smart FBI agent he couldn’t hold a pizza box graciously, still he was trying hard to be natural at his ‘job’ something that was almost endearing. Must be a kink of them, she thought, which obviously meant she wouldn’t have any sleep that night.

At least Samantha was happy.

For a second she asked herself why he was doing it since Samantha herself blurted out that she wasn’t seeing him anymore.

Not that it really matter. Facts were facts.

Maybe she should spend the night in a nice hotel.


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